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Simple Tips not to get overweight during the holidays!

The holiday period is one of the most difficult to keep your body in good shape. All family gatherings and different kinds of events are full of food, so we simply cannot refrain not to reach into the relentlessly exposed portions.

Eat something before the Celebration – Do not Come hungry at a gathering, whether it’s family or friendly. Eat half an hour before leaving from home and it will automatically protect you from “biting” whatever you come to hand.

Exercise earlier – It is best to finish the exercises early morning. On this way you will be able to find excuses to skip in order to make room for other plans that could get you out in the meantime..

Carefully select desserts – Not everyone treats the same! If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try something easier, such as energy plate.

The dream is your best friend – If you sleep enough well, you will have less longings for goods and junk food and more energy for exercise. With the good dream certainly you will win the game. Even if you are out late at night, celebrating, try to complement my sleep in the next day or the evening.

Control yourself around the buffet table – When  you will face with a buffet during the holidays, first fill the plate with healthy food. Once you eat it, go back and select those parts from junk food you would like to try it.

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4 Eggs

1 cup Polenta

1 cup Cornstarch

1 cup Flour type 400

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Baking powder

1 dl oil

2 dl milk

200g pumpkin

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