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Habits that cause weight gain

  • Drinking regularly sodas

Only 1 to 2 cups of soda per day causes 5 times faster creation of fat than those who drink fresh juices. In the banned category certainly includes  “diet” soft drinks.

  • Too many sleeping

Sleeping more than 10 hours leads to higher body weight, and too little sleep is certainly not recommended, it is not healthy. It is recommended 7 to 9  hours of sleep.

  • Weak breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people do not eat breakfast ever or their first meal is too late. If you change your habits and put more effort, eating a healthy food regardless of rapid modern life , you will feel healthier and you will be in the better mood.

  • Eating from a large plate

When you eat from a large plate you have a feeling that you ate less, so always be careful from what kind of plate do you eat.

  • Eat when you are sad, angry or upset

Often when we are sad or upset  the first thing that we do is eating, so the next time when you want to calm down with food, remember that you are not hungry, but angry. Instead of a quick meal, dring a glass of water

  • Eat late

This is maybe one of the biggest mistake. While it is true that the body burns fat during the sleeping, would not be effective enough if you go to bed with full stomach. Here is also  the dangerous of difficult digestion of food.

  • Not getting enough protein

Adults  should enter  20 to 25 gr of protein per meal, but it depends of how active you are and what is your weight.  If you increase the amount of protein you will  balance blood sugar levels and reduce insulin levels, for which metabolism will accelerate.

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Pumpkin Proja


4 Eggs

1 cup Polenta

1 cup Cornstarch

1 cup Flour type 400

by choice

Baking powder

1 dl oil

2 dl milk

200g pumpkin

to taste


to taste


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