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Groceries that you should not eat for breakfast

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so there are certain groceries that we should not consume for breakfast.

The problem occurs when we choose calorie “bomb” or foods full with sugar and fats.

Breakfast based on protein, balances the sugar in the blood and reduces and reduces sudden hunger pangs. Try to start the day with hard-boiled egg and an apple or yogurt in which you have added chia seed.

It is known that the body needs fat in order to function properly, but that does not mean that we should consume a lot of fats, especially if it comes to saturated fatty acids like bacon and butter.

Bacon contains a saturated fat and cholesterol and is often rich in nitrates of witch may occur a headache.

Another food that we should not eat for breakfast is pastry with butter or cheese. These are empty carbohydrates with very little nutritional value such as fiber, protein, grains, whole grain.

Fruit juice can be a great source of vitamins and minerals, but not an alternative to the consumption of fruit. The average orange has about 60 calories, while a cup of juice from the same fruit has almost twice as mush.

We should choose meals made up of balanced relation of proteins and carbohydrates that give us enough energy to start the working day.

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