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Fundamentals of nutrition

       The balance in the diet is the main factor for a healthy lifestyle. The body needs 40 nutrients for energy, growth and renewal of tissue.

The water, which is the largest in our body, also we need for life. She’s environment on body fluids such as blood and lymph, carries nutrients to cells and is waste and harmful substances from the body.

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats constitute the group of so-called macro nutrients substances or “energy nutrient” that supplies the body with fuel in the form of calories.

The food in the body contains important micronutrients, which are divided into vitamins and minerals. They are needed in very small amounts, but insufficient amount or lack of one vitamin or mineral can cause major disturbances in the body.

If your diet is reconciled regularly eat fresh vegetables, cereals and animal protein, probably you do not have to enter additional nutrients.

I work with individual diets, based on the blood analysis. So the blood type is not relevant, but blood analysis, because it gives us our present condition. Because if our blood group favors meat, and according to our blood analysis we must not smell the meat, let them to consume it.

With this, I answered as paradoxes may arise in diet and blood group. Everything is individually; everyone should have their own diet adapted to your body. As you eat, in that way will serve you the health.

I advise you to have a healthy diet, Play sports, avoid stress and widen positive energy. Just in that way you will look healthy, beautiful and nurtured.


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Recipes Book

Pumpkin Proja


4 Eggs

1 cup Polenta

1 cup Cornstarch

1 cup Flour type 400

by choice

Baking powder

1 dl oil

2 dl milk

200g pumpkin

to taste


to taste


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