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Appetite and weigh control – Dr. Rebeca’s formula!

One of the numerous side effects of modern lifestyle is obesity.

Obesity, in fact, not only aesthetic but also a health problem. As a chronic disease leading to a range of health disorders that significantly affect the quality of life, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, metabolic syndrome, pain in bones and joints etc.

Balanced diet high in fiber coupled with regular sport activity is the best way to reduce the weight. Present in fruits, vegetables and grains, fiber, an important part of the daily diet due to the favorable impact of digestion and due to the elimination of harmful substances from the body.

According to Dr. Rebecca below raw food means any type of food that does not is termic processed or treated only live food to 47 degrees Celsius. The preparation of such foods typically involves soak, germination, blending and dehydrating.

The promise behind this diet is more physical energy, improved immunity, detoxify the body, and improve blood counts, leaner body and more radiant skin – all thanks to living foods, enzymes, vitamins and minerals are preserved in their original form.

This diet will only bring utilities to your body and help you in a healthy way to remove the excess of weight!!!


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Recipes Book

Pumpkin Proja


4 Eggs

1 cup Polenta

1 cup Cornstarch

1 cup Flour type 400

by choice

Baking powder

1 dl oil

2 dl milk

200g pumpkin

to taste


to taste


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